Face it. It's frigid. You don't have to live in a Snuggie until the sun comes out again in spring. But then again this one is pretty cute. If you're looking for ways to keep that heating bill down without losing a toe, we've got a few tips.

1. Slippers. You know those chunky slippers with the non-slip bottom and the fluffy stuff inside? Get some. It doesn't matter how layered up the rest of you is if heat is escaping through this little piggy.

2. A good blanket. If you can afford it, go for down. If you're allergic, go for faux down. And check out Overstock's Blanket Buying Guide for more info.

3. Dress in layers. "Bundle up," said The Old Farmer's Almanac. "To avoid getting overheated inside, wear layers." Choose a "wicking polyester (or silk) undershirt next to your skin versus cotton."

4. Flip your fan. In the summer, the fan circulates the air, which can make you feel cooler. Flipping the switch "helps push warm air that's risen to the ceiling back down to the floor where you can feel it. The less that's wasted, the less demand there is on heating systems and the more you save," said Distractify.

5. Stay hydrated. Drinking water can actually help you stay warmer. Who knew? "Water is actually ‘amazing' for retaining body heat," said The Week. "Simply put, the more you have in your system, the easier it is to keep warm. Stay hydrated - especially before you dash out into the frozen slush every morning,"

6. Light a fire. You can lower your heater by a few degrees by gathering in front of a warm fireplace. Plus, it'll give you a chance to snuggle.

7. Go for the combo of extra layers and hot drinks. "When you feel a chill, reach for a sweater instead of thermostat," said Distractify. "With the extra layers, your body will heat up much faster than the furnace can heat your house. Then, "drink lots of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other warm liquids (including soup!) This will raise your body temperature in a jiffy."

8. Harness the sun. "During the day, open the blinds and curtains on the south-facing windows - and let the Sun warm you. At night, close the blinds and curtains to better insulate your home," said The Old Farmer's Almanac.

9. Seal it up. "Make sure your home is air sealed," said The Simple Dollar. "Air leaks and drafts allow warm air to quickly escape your house, resulting in tremendous heating and cooling bills. The solution to this problem is to check your home for air leaks and properly air seal any leaks you discover. You can get more info from this useful guide from the Department of Energy."

10. Shut ‘em up. If you have guest rooms and other spaces you don't use, close the vents. This will force more air into the rooms you are using and make the heating system more efficient.