Photo: © Kurhan - Shutterstock

When is the last time you had your home's plumbing serviced? If your home is experiencing any of the following issues, it might be time to schedule a service technician for preventative maintenance.

1. Slow Drain. If your sinks are slow to drain, you might have a pipe blockage issue. This can be especially concerning if you are noticing slow drainage in both your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

2. Running Water. If you can hear water running or notice that your hot water tank is cycling more often than normal, it might be time for a service check. Preventative maintenance could be less costly than replacing your hot water tank.

3. Gurgling Sounds. A gurgling toilet could be a sign of trouble. If you notice the water in your toilet bowl is gurgling after flushing, it might be time to call in a plumbing professional.

4. Increasing Water Bill. If you are noticing an ongoing increase in your monthly water bill without a reasonable explanation for the increased water usage, a visit from a service technician is in order. Seasonal needs such as lawn watering can impact usage, but a steady climb in your water bill is not normal.

5. Moisture. Pools of water near the base of your water heater or increased moisture at the base of your toilet are a sure sign it's time for a visit from your local plumbing company.

If any of these warning signs are present in your home, you should call in a plumber for repairs. Investing in regular plumbing maintenance can be less costly than a flooded basement or increased insurance premiums after water damage.