1. Door Detail
If you want buyers to come rushing to your door, make sure it's well painted. A fresh coat of paint will make a great first impression.

2. Enticing Entrance
Next up is the entrance hall, where prospects get their initial glimpse of the interior. At the very least, clean every surface and touch up areas where the paint shows marks or nicks. Better yet, put on a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint throughout.

3. Bathroom Brush-Up
Bathrooms and kitchens get special scrutiny from prospective buyers, so give extra attention to these rooms. Touch up as needed and put plenty of effort into the powder room, which many will visit during their tour of your home.

4. Classy Kitchen
Size does matter when it comes to the kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look spacious, then paint the kitchen white or off-white. At the very least, remove food stains from the walls and conceal water spots by applying a coat of primer followed by some touch-up paint.

5. Wow-Worthy Woodwork
Check your woodwork. You can quickly touch up chipped or marred paint on chair rails and floor molding.

6. Sweat the Small Stuff
Inspect areas that come in frequent contact with soiled hands—especially window frames, door frames, edges of doors, and walls around light switches. If the areas are dirty, you may be able to clean them, assuming you used a glossier paint. If that doesn't work, then do some touch-up painting.

7. Smooth Ceiling
Water stains on the ceiling from old roof leaks are a huge red flag for prospective buyers. After making certain that your roof is sound, be sure to prime and repaint these potential deal breakers.

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